PG&E Battle Creek FERC Amendment No. 1211

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Cover and Table of Contents
License Amendment Application - July, 2008
Cover and Table of Contents
Initial Statement
Project Resource Summary
Exhibit A - Description of Project
Exhibit B - Statement Of Project Operation And Resource Utilization
Exhibit C - Proposed Construction Schedule
Exhibit D - Statement of Costs and Financing
Exhibit E - Environmental Report
Exhibit F - General Design Drawings
Exhibit G - Maps of the Project
Appendix 1 - Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix 2 - Draft Adaptive Management Plan
Executive Summary
Includes Acknowledgements, Notes to the Reader, Public Involvement, Preface, Contents
  Location Map
  Battle Creek Restoration Project Description - Setting
  Battle Creek Restoration Project Description - Components and Conceptual Models
  Battle Creek Restoration Project Description - Key Uncertainties and Learning Opportunities
  Battle Creek Restoration Project Description - Goals and Objectives Summary
  Battle Creek Restoration Project Description - Document History and Purpose
  Battle Creek Restoration Project Description - Document Organization
  Adaptive Management: Development of this Tool to Address Uncertainty in Battle Creek
  Adaptive Management of the Battle Creek Restoration Project
  Literature Cited
  Appendix of Proposed FERC License Articles Affected by Adaptive Management
  Focused Study: Sediment Monitoring Plan
  Focused Study: Riparian Habitat Monitoring
  Focused Study: Juvenile Salmonid Habitat Use Study
  Focused Study: Fish Use Of Cold-Water Refuges
  Focused Study: Battle Creek Salmonid Life History
  Focused Study: Fish Community Structure Evaluation
  Diagnostic Study: Fish Ladder and Natural Barrier Assessment Using Radiotelemetry
  APPENDIX: Summation of Calfed Bay-Delta Program Ecosystem Restoration Program Plan Volumes I and II Visions and Actions Related to Battle Creek Biological Resources as Affected by Facilities and Operations of PG&E Hydroelectric System and Coleman National Fish Hatchery
Appendix 3 - Draft Facility Monitoring Plan
Appendix 4 - Proposed License Articles
Appendix 5 - Operations Effects On Anadromous Fish

Battle Creek
Watershed Conservancy
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