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LNF's Dry Hills Forest Restoration Project - October, 2009
Proposal for restoration of select sites in the National Forest land within the Battle Creek Watershed

The Battle Creek Watershed Conservancy received funding for watershed restoration projects through the Consolidated Watershed Protection and Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant Program. As part of the BCWC proposal, Lassen National Forest received a portion of the funds to implement restoration projects in the upper watershed. LNF projects in the watershed include the creation of defensible fuel profile zones (DFPZ), roads decommissioning and stream crossing improvements.

Inadequate culverts are barriers to water trying to flow down the watershed and for fish trying to swim up stream.

There are approximately 3,600 miles of roads in the Lassen National Forest. Poorly engineered roads can result in runoffs that choke streams with sediment.

Steep, eroded slopes characterize the upper canyons of Battle Creek. LNF plans roads decommissioning and crossing improvements to mitigate runoff.



NOAA's Letter To Amend The Programmatic Biological Opinion For The Lassen National Forest's Non-Routine Maintenance And Construction Activities On Existing Roads

Roads Analysis Process:

Briefing Paper
Summary of the Process

Lassen National Forest Roads Analysis
Roads Analysis Process Appendix I
Aquatic Existing Situation
Roads Analysis Process - Appendix D
Indicators by Area of Consideration - Aquatics:
Erosion Hazard Indicator
Frequency of Access Indicator
Road Density Indicator
Road Design Indicator
Road Grade Indicator
Sensitive Land Proximity
Slope Class Indicator
Stream Channel Proximity
Stream Crossings Indicators
Timing of Access Indicators
Type of Access Indicators
Type of Facility Indicators

Battle Creek Upper Watershed Restoration
Outlines the why, what and how of the current restoration efforts. Includes maps of sites in priority sub-watersheds.
Battle Creek Watershed Restoration Planning
Broad scale analysis to develop sub-watershed priorities. This document outlines the approach the Forest Service used to review existing information on watershed sensitivity and condition to arrive at priority watersheds for treatment.
Example of Road Treatment Inventory
Treatment Spreadsheet (working version, 2005)
Battle Creek Upper Watershed Restoration Photos
Before and after photos of some road sites treated in 2007
Martin and Nanny Creeks
A working map of treatment sites.
Onion Creek
A working map of treatment sites.

Battle Creek
Watershed Conservancy
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