Our Mission: The Battle Creek Watershed Conservancy's goal is to preserve the environmental and economic resources of the Battle Creek watershed through responsible stewardship, liaison, cooperation, and education.
The BCWC is a voluntary organization of property owners with significant stakes in the economic and environmental health of the Battle Creek watershed. It was formed to help protect these economic and environmental stakes through local control and beneficial land stewardship practices.
We welcome you to browse our site to learn about projects and studies being conducted within the Battle Creek watershed, including the Battle Creek Salmon & Steelhead Restoration Project and the completed Battle Creek Watershed Assessment. We also offer links to many other documents and reports pertaining to the Upper Sacramento River watershed.

Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Documents


Spring on Battle Creek
During the drought of 2015, this hungry black bear came down from the high country

North Fork Battle Creek
American bald eagles nest along Battle Creek

Wildfire effects in Battle Creek Watershed
A covery of California Quail at home in the Battle Creek Watershed

    GBCWWG Issues Tracking Document - May, 2016
    Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Update - May, 2016
    2016 California Central Valley Chinook Population Database Report
    2014 Storms and Water Board Involvement in Battle Creek
    Memo from USFWS: Increase in Fine Sediment in South Fork Battle Creek
    Lassen Lodge Hydroelectric Project FERC Documents #12496
    Coleman NFH Adaptive Management Plan Public Review Draft - 3/1/ 2016
    Coleman NFH Adaptive Management Plan Project Update - 1/21/ 2016
    Integrated Weed Management Plan for the Battle Creek Watershed

Upper Battle Creek Watershed
Soda Lake feeds Bailey Creek, an important tributary stream in the BC Watershed

Fall-run Chinook in Battle Creek, California
Male Nuttall's Woodpecker on an oak snag near Digger Creek in the Battle Creek Watershed

Battle Creek
Watershed Conservancy
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