Our Mission: The Battle Creek Watershed Conservancy's goal is to preserve the environmental and economic resources of the Battle Creek watershed through responsible stewardship, liaison, cooperation, and education.
The BCWC is a voluntary organization of property owners with significant stakes in the economic and environmental health of the Battle Creek watershed. It was formed to help protect these economic and environmental stakes through local control and beneficial land stewardship practices.
We welcome you to browse our site to learn about projects and studies being conducted within the Battle Creek watershed, including the Battle Creek Salmon & Steelhead Restoration Project and the completed Battle Creek Watershed Assessment. We also offer links to many other documents and reports pertaining to the Upper Sacramento River watershed.

Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Documents


Summary of the Pilot Assessment of Three Potential Fish Barriers on Battle Creek - USFWS - March, 2014
Recovery Plan for the Evolutionarily Significant Units of Sacramento River Winter-Run Chinook Salmon and Central Valley Spring-Run Chinook Salmon and the Distinct Population Segment of California Central Valley Steelhead - NOAA, July, 2014
The Greater Battle Creek Watershed Working Group Issue Tracking Document - July 14, 2014
WUI and Watershed Protection / Emergency Access Assessment (Coleman Fish Hatchery Road and Ponderosa Way) - November 1, 2010Assessment conducted by Tehama County Resource Conservation District
Integrated Weed Management Plan for the Battle Creek Watershed - Manton, California 2012-2016
(mouse over plant names to view photos)
Views on Compatibility of the Coleman National Fish Hatchery and the Battle Creek Restoration Project - May 15, 2012
BCWC Comments on Coleman National Fish Hatchery Biological Assessment - January 19, 2012
BCWC Overview (large Flash file) - December 16, 2011

Battle Creek Watershed - Restoration and Fish:
Fee Title Recommendation Battle Creek Planning Unit - April 4, 2012 Stewardship Council
Fee Title Recommendation Battle Creek Planning Unit - March 20, 2012
Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Construction Status Provided by USBR
Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project Construction Photos Photos courtesy of USBR



Ponderosa Fire
Ponderosa Fire - Photo by Wes Schultz

AOther Key Site Resources:

Battle Creek Watershed Assessment
Provides a characterization of stream conditions and an investigation of sediment source factors in 2001 and 2002..
KRIS Battle Creek
KRIS Battle Creek assembles basin-wide data and presents the results of the Battle Creek Watershed Assessment. KRIS contains the data on which this report was based, as well as summary charts and maps, which allow results to be viewed by location.
Greater Battle Creek Watershed Working Group Documents
Review status of Battle Creek and Coleman National Fish Hatchery projects.
Manton Fire Safe Council
Methods to create defensible space.
BCWC Position Papers
Where we stand on the issues.
Documents and Reports
Documents pertaining to the Battle Creek watershed and the upper Sacramento River.
Archive of articles that provide an overview of issues impacting watersheds and fish in northern California.

Battle Creek
Watershed Conservancy
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